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Kerrigan Mechanical has developed from the commercial and industrial experiences of Midland Heating & Plumbing Ltd since 1998. Kerrigan Mechanical is a multi-disciplined and diverse business entity capable of completing mechanical & electrical contracts in a professional manner. Based in Athboy, Co Meath.

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SenSys Technology is delighted to work with Kerrigan mechanical in Athboy, we have installed an Intelligent Avigilon CCTV system with adaptive video analytics for detection of humans or vehicles in external areas at night when the system is armed.

The intelligent CCTV and Intruder alarm are pro-actively monitored by the remote monitoring station and in the event of the CCTV system classifying an intruder, an activation is presented with video in the remote monitoring station, where the video will be reviewed and an audio announcement can be made over the loud external speakers on-site, preventing intruders and the remote monitoring station can then call key holders:

CCTV with intelligent software analyses patterns of people, vehicles and suspicious activity. Our intelligent CCTV cameras offer the most state of the art protection for your premises. Intelligent CCTV cameras detect people or vehicles breaching an un-authorised region of interest, the intelligent software sends live alerts and video footage to the CCTV monitoring station or your smartphone.

Trained security personnel prevention instantaneously reviews live footage of your premises and issue live audio warnings to your premises commanding the intruder to leave.

The intelligent Avigilon CCTV system and CCTV control room track and record the intruder’s actions, notify Gardai, key holders, and ensure the intruder leaves before gaining access to your building or stealing property.

Kerrigan Mechanical can have complete peace of mind that their business is completely protected.

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