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Protect you premises and assets with SenSys Security perimeter detection.
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sensys security remote monitoring high definition cctv perimeter detection solution. alerts notified to 24/7 monitoring station

integrate with your IP CCTV system

SenSys security can integrate preimeter detection alongside your avigilon IP CCTV system


SenSys design, install and maintain IP based in accordance to NSAI standards of Ireland. Comply with GDPR with all users actions logged, tiered access and password protection.


Get push notifications to events via a mobile app on your smartphone.  Create white and black list reporting. Analyse frequency & times of visits to obtain valuable data for management and customer experience.


Cameras can be mounted on galvanized steel poles with IP67 rated enclosures mounted on them to house network switches and coax to ethernet converters to utilize the existing coax which can be cabled to the individual comms rooms.

audio interaction

SenSys Security implement AI technology



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why sensys for your perimeter detection

Our team enables the enhancement of your CCTV system with intelligent video analytics. Detect when people or cars cross a threshold or beam around your buildings or enter specified areas using advanced pattern-based algorithms. SenSys Security offer around the clock support and response with SenSys CARE. SenSys Security offer around the clock support and response with SenSys CARE.


Using UMD – unusual motion detection – an advanced AI technology. Monitoring station or key users get notified to sound an alarm if there is a person/vehicle in a region of interest or crosses a boundary. Choose from pre-recording or live feed from the comms room.

intelligent integration

Dual functionality. SenSys Intelligent IP perimeter detection can be designed and installed to integrate with other intelligent systems such as access control (doors, gates, barriers), and smart control rooms. Get cross detection monitoring with multiple views of your premises.

real time prevention workflow

With the introduction of Intelligent Perimeter Protection Video Analytics and adding audio interaction between the monitoring station and your organisation, we can turn your existing ‘re-active’ CCTV system that just records CCTV into an intelligent ‘pro-active’ solution that doesn’t just record the intrusion but prevents it. The solution is cost-effective as you can often utilize your existing CCTV system by just adding software.

The Power of analytics

Intelligent integration with video analytics CCTV, perimeter detection, access control and control rooms for counting & tracking of people and vehicles.

  • Perimeter protection
  • People/Vehicle Counting
  • Facial Recognition
  • Tag and Track
  • Heat Maps
  • Forensic Search
view of shopping centre carpark with red car highlighted as seen from avigilon cctv camera

smart identification

Know and sound an alarm if there is a person/vehicle in a region of interest or crosses a boundary but take no action if there is an animal or just wildlife.


Search specifically for all the ‘red cars’ that entered an area between specific times. Reducing search and investigation times.

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Finding the person who left a bag

Avigilon self learining analytics

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