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Designed & customised to your security requirements. Ergonomic layout for view height, angles & controls.
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Why SenSys for Control Rooms

Intelligent security

SenSys design and build Intelligent Security Control Rooms. SenSys provide an efficient working environment by building a rules-based automated control room. An Intelligent control room can be the hub and users interface to all of your integrated IP security and safety systems.

smart wall + workstations

Create a smart wall with high-definition graphics, flat-screen monitors, and display workstations, which can be controlled and operated by your team using keyboards/joysticks.

energy efficient

Achieve power savings with the use of low voltage cameras and cloud servers

designed for your needs

SenSys Security are experts in upgrading or creating new bespoke control rooms with feature-rich functionality designed to suit your business needs. Connect with our knowledgeable and approachable team for the design, installation, maintenance and support of your new control room today.

industries served

From shopping centres, stadia, hospitals, cities, and airports an Intelligent control room with integrated graphical maps, software matrices, Smart video walls, and Rules-based scenarios can increase staff efficiency, reduce costs, crimes and accidents.


Real-time network, hardware, and software monitoring – our helpdesk pro actively responds to issues.

one easy platform

SenSys integrate leading systems on one platform
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Avigilon ACC7

Avigilong Control Center 7 software. Use of point of interester dots for visual assistance when monitoring large numbers of CCTV cameras.  Focus of attention technology.


SenSys Security has built high functioning security and CCTV control rooms for retail clients such as Blackpool Shopping Centre, Cork, Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Cork and Scotch Hall SC in Drogheda.

Other industry security clients include Swissport Cargo, Coen Steel and Irish Commercials.


On-going support and service from SenSys CARE 24/7/365. Our technical team provide preventative maintenance, support and system health monitoring of our security systems. 

the company we keep


Smart building management solutions offering flexible and secure access control solutions for all types of industries, buildings and door types. Hosted on premise or cloud based.  Salto is a global leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

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Paxton Access control enables full control of building access permissions. Extensible with integrated solutions for CCTV, fire, and intruder alarms. Validate door entry via internal monitors. Net2 PC based access control solution for centralised administration of large sites.

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Openpath solutions incorporate state of the art hardware and software for secure, touchless access. Remote system management, easy to install on an open platform. Openpath offers scalable solutions for full-building access control. Futureproof your premises today.

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Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) is a browser based solution for enterprise-class installations. Its unification with Avigilon Control Center video management software offers a powerful, end-to-end security solution to monitor and secure sites.

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