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Sensys Security footfall systems and occupancy counters for all premises
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Why SenSys for footfall

two way counting

Two way counting of people – in and out. Gain operational efficiencies.

enhance marketing efforts

Use analytics technology to understand your customer habits – gain knowledge of customer flow.

industries served

From shopping centres, stadia, hospitals, cities, and airports an Intelligent control room with integrated graphical maps, software matrices, Smart video walls, and Rules-based scenarios can increase staff efficiency, reduce costs, crimes and accidents.

energy efficient

Achieve power savings with the use of low voltage cameras and cloud servers

3D People Counter

Our systems use intelligent field based technology for accurate results
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Precise and reliable

3D People Counter, in combination with a ceiling-mounted Stereo Sensor Kit, is specially designed for accuracy in challenging situations, such as when there is a high flow of people or when there are strong light, glares, and shadows. In addition, there is no need to remove existing merchandise, displays, or shelving within the counting zone.

The solution allows the stereo sensor kit to be mounted in passageways from as low as 2.4 m to 4 m (7.9 to 13 ft) from the ground, with a coverage of between 1.7 m to 2.5 m (5.6 ft to 8.2 ft). 

Integration + data access


Access via web browser

View live views and graphical representations of the statistics. No requirement for an on-site server or any other hardware.


Extract real-time data

Through an open HTTP API in the camera, you can extract real-time static raw data in many formats


Store reporter

Web-based service gathers statistical data from retail analytics apps. Ideal for use in multi-site and multi-camera installations.

Optimise store performance



Optimize your store’s performance
3D People Counter gives you critical data to optimize your store’s performance. It can answer questions such as how many people visit your stores every day, and how many make a purchase. It automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under a stereo camera and in which direction.



Watch Blackpool Shopping Centre

Store Traffic data


Analyse customer flow and traffic trends

Provide your store with reliable data to base business-critical decisions on.


Improve staff planning

determine optimal opening hours, so you can deliver excellent customer service and optimize employee costs


Conversion rates

When integrated with a PoS (Point of Sale) system, it can collect valuable information about conversion rates,


Evaluate the impact of advertising and promotions


Seasonal fluctuations

assess the impact of weather on customer visits

Store performance

identify and reward high performing stores and employees

On-going support and service from SenSys CARE 24/7/365. Our technical team provide preventative maintenance, support and system health monitoring of security systems. 

the company we keep

Axis 3d People Counter

AXIS 3D People Counter saves data directly on each camera for up to 90 days. The software provides only numeric counts. No image or video is stored. Integrated into PoS or other systems

Axis Occupancy Estimator

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