80+ Ryanair bases & airports

SenSys Tech are selected to install & maintain IP security systems in Europe for Ryanair. Read how our team install Avigilon CCTV & IP Access systems.






Europe’s favourite airline

the goal

“We are excited to be working with Ryanair’s IT and Property teams. Installations and maintenance in Airports always have their logistical and planning challenges, on top of that working in bases without direct flights require precision planning and organisation at anytime of the day or night and this is where our operations team excel!

Ryanair’s network is complex and vast and requires only the best network and electronic security technicians to work with Ryanair’s IT team and we have the skilled workforce and in-house talent to ensure Ryanair get the most skilled technicians they need.

Ryanair joins our ever growing list of customers who demand excellent service 24 hours a day and we do everything in our power as a team to ensure we keep that service level where it needs to be”

Ben Killeen – Managing Director, SenSys Technology Group

SenSys operations and planning team work very closely with Ryanair ensuring efficient delivery, organised logistics of equipment and technician travel throughout Europe, Safe installations in Airports and Airside while ensuring our service level agreement (SLA) and true 24/7 support is provided to Europe’s largest airline which they demand and expect 24/7/365 from our Field Service Ops and IT Helpdesk team based from Ireland.





  • Network Technology Installation
  • IP Access Control
  • Structured Cabling
  • UPS Changeover
  • SenSys international roll out project management and 24/7 around the clock
  • coordination
  • Logistics and travel management
  • International Health and Safety management
  • Airside and Airport documentation management

Why we chose to partner with Avigilon on this project:

We chose to partner with Avigilon on this ongoing project as we are a recognised specialist Avigilon integrator.

  • One of the strongest factors in why SenSys chose to work with Avigilon was the scalability of the system.  We had the flexibility to use Avigilon if there are 3 cameras in a base or multiples of hundreds.
  • Our team could standardise production on one platform leaving it easy for staff and management to use throughout their bases in addition to centrally managing from Ryanair HQ.
  • The ease of remote viewing and remote configuration at a central location using Avigilon’s HDSM (High Definition Stream Management) is a major unique benefit from Avigilon and was a big plus for Ryanair’s IT department as bandwidth is cleverly controlled.

What is HDSM and how does it work?

HDSM stands for High Definition Stream Management, a stream management technology by Avigilon. HDSM aims to optimise the users bandwidth and resources, improving image resolution and reducing space requirements of current cameras whilst also allowing for future scalability.

Images are broken into segments/sectors and saved in smaller packets. As a user zooms in on particular sections of the main image they are dynamically served up those corresponding and clearly defined images.

For more details on HDSM – download the leaflet covering the challenges of maintaining high-quality image resolution with expanding camera counts and the details of Avigilon’s HDSM™ technology, a purpose-built bandwidth management technology.


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