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Licence plate recognition software offers many benefits for management and security
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SenSys security design ANPR with avigilon control center 7 software 

Regulate and Automate access to you organisation

Use cases for LPR include managed parking, evidence gathering, and loss prevention. Appearance search with artificial intelligence search engine to sort through hours of footage to track / locate vehicles.


SenSys design, install and maintain IP based LPR systems in accordance to NSAI standards of Ireland. Comply with GDPR with all users actions logged, tiered access and password protection.


Get push notifications to events via a mobile app on your smartphone.  Create white and black list reporting. Analyse frequency & times of visits to obtain valuable data for management and customer experience.


ANPR cameras can be mounted on galvanized steel poles with IP67 rated enclosures mounted on them to house network switches and coax to ethernet converters to utilize the existing coax which can be cabled to the individual comms rooms.

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SenSys security provide camera hardware + licence plate recognition software. Read licence plates using high definition video
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why sensys for IP licence plate recognition

Our Licence plates recognition software will compare recognised number plates with pre-defined lists and initiate automatic actions such as opening a gate, notifying reception that a guest has arrived or notify a petrol station attendant that a past offender of ‘drive offs’ has just arrived at the fuel pumps.
SenSys Security team has installed systems for clients such as Douglas Village Shopping Center and Blackpool Shopping Center. Define your own white lists and black lists. SenSys Security have recently rolled out Ireland’s largest global ANPR solution with 126 ANPR cameras over 52 locations using Avigilon. These sites feed back to one central office.

intelligent integration

Automatic number or licence plate recognition system (ANPR/LPR) HD cameras and verifiers are installed for parking management, toll roads, secure traffic management, and access control. They are networked to your comms room(s) and configure with multiple automated alerts and reporting features. We can integrate your other access control systems on one network.

Deeper insights

Gain deeper insights with video analytics of your CCTV, perimeter detection, access control, for the counting and tracking of people and vehicles.

Support with SenSys Care

We offer preventative maintenance, monitoring and pro-active response service level agreement packages for your network, software and hardware. Contact our team today.

SenSys technicians configure licence plate recognition technology solutions and cameras using leading brands such as Axis and Avigilon.

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