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For all of your security integrations. SenSys Security design systems to integrate with your existing or new systems. Your next High Definition CCTV system will offer clear images, be intelligent and intuitive
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why sensys security for hd ip cctv

SenSysSecurity installs high definition IP CCTV to NSAI standards of Ireland. We deliver maximum clarity with minimum bandwidth. Server and bandwidth design are available through the SenSys system audit report. With SenSys intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) you can be sure the bandwidth from such services will not affect the quality of other services on your Converged IP network.


clear footage

SenSys High Definition IP CCTV provides crystal clear and evidential video on live and playback footage. Get detailed images from 1MP up to 7K (30MP), combined with open platform Video Management Software (VMS) and the Industries leading hardware from Intel and Dell.


intelligent alerts

We don’t just record the incident but can prevent it with innovative and intelligent video analytics technology that pro-actively sends live alerts to your mobile phone or our monitoring station. Deter criminals and trespassers with live audio warnings issued through speakers on-site.

leading partners

SenSys Security partners with world-leading security industry manufacturers such as Avigilon, Milestone, Axis Communications, Mobotix, and Canon. Our team can design a solution to suit all of your requirements.


Migration path from analogue

Easy Migration Path from Analogue – Video encoders are the most cost-effective way to migrate your existing legacy analogue system to an IP network-based system. Use your existing analogue cameras to get the benefits of an IP system without unnecessary investment in your current analogue system, allowing you to migrate your complete CCTV system to HD when you’re ready.


protection designed for you

Whether it’s protecting against slips and falls in a shopping center, overseeing bank tellers or POS entry, protecting the perimeter of your premises, or delivering dashboards with oversight of all your locations & key performance indicators. Whatever your requirement the SenSys team are experts in the design, installation, integration, and maintenance of your High Definition CCTV systems.

reduced costs

Install your CCTV system on a converged IP network. Reduce costs and increase functionality by integrating with other security or management application systems such as IP access control, Intruder Alarms, Staff safety systems, Video Analytics, ANPR, and facial recognition systems. Make the best use of the fiber optic, copper, and wireless networks already in place.

less contractors

less expense

more integration

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reasons to consider our high definition cctv

appearance search

Avigilon Appearance Search technology is the new way to search Video. This innovative, deep learning AI search engine sorts through hours of footage with ease to quickly locate a specific person or object in interest across the entire site. It dramatically improves incident response time and enhances forensic investigations by enabling operators to build robust video evidence and create a powerful narrative of events. You can search by person or physical description. It also includes facial analytics in the search.

Multiple views

Avigilon allows you to create multiple views of one screenshot, which means you can look at one incident in multiple different ways with optical zoom in/out to really identify what happened in real-time. The advanced search capability of the Avigilon control centre allows you to find what you’re looking for fast. Get to the truth of the matter and avoid costly liability claims.

partnering with industry leading manufacturers such as avigilon, milestone axis communications, mobotix and canon. We have a solution to suit your requirements.


Whether it’s retail, video analytics, access control facial recognition, ANPR, or other IP systems. Control rooms, smart walls, virtual matrix, and digital signage integrations are available. Your next High Definition CCTV system can offer clear images and be intelligent, intuitive, and easy to use.


Avigilon camera clarity HDSM stands for High Definition Stream Management


SenSys Security team can assist with decisions on server location (on premise or in cloud).

ANPR software

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Business count on reliable security and that’s why businesses all over Ireland count on SenSys Technology.

Control room software

Smart control rooms for mission-critical surveillance monitoring

Perimeter Detection

perimeter detection

Exterior Intruder detection with audio intervention & monitoring prevents the crime from happening

footfall / occupancy

People counting improves retail store operations and customer service

avigilon systems

SenSys Security integrate systems using Avigilon open api

Access Control

Protect people, property and assets with physical access control

intruder alarms

Prevent the crime with pro-active monitored, smart intruder alarms

ANPR Camera

licence plate recognition

Capture licence plates in all conditions, day & night

Support Team

Security system support, maintenance and response times with SenSys CARE

On-going support and service from SenSys CARE 24/7/365. Our technical team provide preventative maintenance, support and system health monitoring of our security systems.