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Why SenSys Tech for IP Access Control

Our access control systems integrate with other IT systems such as Active directory, HR Databases, and other IT logical systems.


Scale & integrate

Our access control systems are scalable to integrate with other building systems and IT systems such as Active Directory, HR Databases, and IT logical systems.
Extend capabilities to include IP camera integrations.

Build & monitor your network

Connect multiple floors and buildings on the same network with dashboard oversight, reporting & centralised administration of privileges to groups or individuals easily.

Access for all industries

The SenSys security is a team of automation experts and have many years experience installing access control solutions in large corporate offices, movie studios, shopping centres, retain, hospitality, gyms and industrial settings



Doors can be plotted on interactive building software maps, and if a door is forced open the nearest camera view automatically pops up on the security guards or receptions computer. Or If an intercom is pressed for access, the receptionist or security guard can verify who is at the door and grant access remotely.

Access from anywhere

Access control systems can be browser based and can be accessed from anywhere on the IP Network or internet from any device including mobile devices. Whether it’s restricting employee access, putting the building into lock down or opening a door or gates remotely. The end result is easy access and full control.


Emergency planning

With a SenSys access control system, digital mustering is for emergency planning. You can be sure that all employees have evacuated by swiping their access control cards at the designated emergency point. A report shows the last location of all employees allowing quick deployment of emergency services.

smarter than ever

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physical access control

Physical Access Control Systems  (PACS) are critical to ensuring safety, security and preparing for an emergency.

If it’s a single access control door solution or a fully integrated access control system across multiple buildings and sites, SenSys can utilise your IP network to provide you with an access control solution for your organisation.

smart locks + keys

Locks and keys allow you to lock and secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen it can lead to expense and disruption to replace locks and re-issue keys.

All businesses have assets to protect and staff to keep safe. And there is also the issue that locks can be left open if they require manual locking.

With an Access control system doors/barriers are locked automatically. Tokens, Cards/Fobs are issued to allow access through doors and can be easily removed or barred from the access control system if lost. Internal access can be controlled for specific people, for example the receptionist can access all doors but can be restricted from accessing the accounts and Directors office.

smart software

Integrate your access control system with CCTV video management software.  Select from a wide variety of thrid party access control devices to pair with existing systems.  Futureproof access to you buildings by employees, service people and visitors with SenSys Security.

On-going support and service from SenSys CARE. Our technical team provide on-going preventative maintenance, support and system health monitoring of our security systems.

fully scaleable

Our solutions can be embedded, server based or hosted. Connect multiple floors and multiple buildings on the same network with dashboard oversight, reporting & centralised administration of privileges to groups or individuals easily.

NSAI standards or Ireland

Audit reporting

Biometrics + proximity

Access rights



Our team of skilled network technicians offer Internet Protocol (IP) based solutions.
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Our access control system can be integrated with your CCTV video management system, Doors can be plotted on interactive building software maps. Receive alerts when doors are forced open with visuals from the nearest camera in control room or reception.  Verify and grant access requests remotely.


SenSys Security partner with market leading innovative access control brands – those with the deepest experience such as Avigilon, Paxton, Salto and Openpath. Our partners use the latest and most secure technology and integrations.


We offer preventative maintenance, monitoring and pro-active response service level agreement packages for your network, software and hardware. Contact our team to discuss your options today.

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Smart building management solutions offering flexible and secure access control solutions for all types of industries, buildings and door types. Hosted on premise or cloud based.  Salto is a global leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

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Paxton Access control enables full control of building access permissions. Extensible with integrated solutions for CCTV, fire, and intruder alarms. Validate door entry via internal monitors. Net2 PC based access control solution for centralised administration of large sites.

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Openpath solutions incorporate state of the art hardware and software for secure, touchless access. Remote system management, easy to install on an open platform. Openpath offers scalable solutions for full-building access control. Futureproof your premises today.

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ACT  – part of the Vanderbilt Comnet Group is an award winning system. Integratable with Milestone. Includes web enabled door controllers and interfaces. 

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